Student Association


The Student Association is designed to give students a sense of participation in and responsibility to the school community. The two basic components of the program, which directly affect all students, are Class Meetings and Association Meetings.

Student Association Meetings are a forum for students, faculty and parents to discuss issues and make recommendations, and to participate in community service.

2013 – 2014 Student Association Officers

President : Rodney Bruno
Social V.P. : Paola Mendez
Spiritual V.P. : Alben Mendes
Secretary : Nirvana Walton
Treasurer : Regina Dumont
Public Relations Officer : Soniel Valentin

2012-2013 SA Officers

President- Trin Benjamin
Social Vice President- Rodney Bruno
Spiritual Vice President- Paola Mendez
Secretary- Keovoni Williams
Treasurer- Eline Paulsaint
Public Relations- David Ramos